Who We Are

Dahliah Rivers

“I like long walks on the canals, medium sized dicks and dry sushi”

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Elliott Barnicle

“KEEP IT SHAPEY. Queen of shapes here and the triangle boy himself. Hit me up for all your graphic design needs (I do the Mother’s Meeting artwork) and a cheeky follow on Instagram won’t go a miss, check me out!”

Jay Andre

“I’m always the bridesmaid and never the bride when I compete in drag competitions”

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Jenna Davinci

“I’m the mother of Mother’s Meeting, I’ll mesmerise you with my big lips and make you howl with my comedy lipsyncs.”

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Nora Virus

“Nana Nora here! An old boot with a vicious tongue and wicked sense of humour. Tallest drag queen in Birmingham but still hard to spot. Don’t expect her to drop into a split..she’ll never get back up.”

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“MAKE WAY FOR ZODDY! Hola mis amores I’m your local non binary clown in disguise, Zodi. The best way to describe my drag would be a cabbage patch kid pretending to be a bratz doll, I love all things pretty and glam on the outside but when you dig a little deeper it’s all campery and stupidity”

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